Hunter Kennedy

Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996
From: Robert Hunter Kennedy
To: victrola
Subject: 17 magazine

I was looking through the info packet of my condoms late last night, found a line of non-lubricated, mint-scented Lifestyles. If you drive a couple of blocks off of Montrose there are these hard core leather bars. Guys walk out of the woods wearing nothing but suspenders and a stud collar, their Visa Gold card tucked in their underwear. Lets hear more about the late night video store haunts.


Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996
From: Robert Hunter Kennedy
To: victrola
Subject: B.C.

Im fusked this week, totally fusked. getting five hours sleep, burning myself with curling irons, hardly have time for makeup anymore. People laugh at my hickies. Building models for my proposal for the Transvestitie Assassins Museum-people come by and break things when Im gone. Mostly angry girls who want a hall of fame, but I dont care because Im out of here in 2 weeks. I wrote my first science fiction in sixth grade, read it at sunday school...

Flavor Flavian, last Roman Emperor

Hunter Kennedy was born in Cola., SC, and raised by a pack of well-mannered wolves. He is editor of the Minus Times and currently resides in NYC. Last seen walking in a towel through the Williamsburg brunch crowd.

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