Rich Mackin

Nov. 27, 1997

Dear Polaner All Fruit,

I am writing to you about your obnoxious new ad campaign in which a woman is giving out samples of your product and that of a competitor. People ask rude questions to the woman regarding the ingredients of the other product and the superiority of yours. The message, however good, is lost in the rudeness.

It is a well known fact that Polaner All Fruit should have only one ad-the one in which a bunch of society types are dining, each asking for the Polaner All Fruit, until the country bumpkin who is dining with them in some sort of Marx Brothers predicament says, "Could you please pass the jelly?" causing the dowager to faint and the little girl to giggle. I respond to that ad and that ad only. If you want my business you will bring back that ad and air it exclusively.

Please respond,
Rich Mackin

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