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The latest in our audio series is the beginning of and other excerpts from Sean Carswell's new book, Train Wreck Girl, as read live at Birmingham's Bottletree cafe in July.

Jill Summers' "Where I Live" was first published at THE2NDHAND.com. See Summers' live at the wedding party for our Broadsheet No. 28 -- see the events page for more.

THE2NDHAND audio is an occasional feature of selected radio plays, live readings, and other ephemera curated by the Chicago-based C.T. Ballentine, our audio editor. For six bucks we'll make you a CD-R of five pieces from our audio archive. Please specify which audio pieces you'd like when you paypal todd@the2ndhand.com or send check (payable to Todd Dills), cash or money order to:

Todd Dills
1827 1st Avenue N #301
Birmingham, AL 35203

Radio Plays
**"Misdirection: Sleep Writing," by Todd Dills (produced by Dills and his home keyboard). **"Snug as You Want," by Peter Thomas (production by Ballentine and Brendan Byrnes)
**"Midnight Special," by The Wake Up and Rage Crew (C.T. Ballentine, Cody Jay, Caleb Pepp, Alan Gofinski, and KT), with music by Cup 'N' String and KT the Band; recorded by Eric Disrud
**"Hickman," adapted from a chapter of Todd Dills's first novel, "Sons of the Rapture"

C.T. Ballentine:
**In Atlanta, GA, C.T. Ballentine delivers part 3 of his novella "Friedrich Nietzsche Waits for a Date," serialized at THE2NDHAND.com, 3 Mar 2007, Criminal Records.
**In Chicago, Ballentine delivers parts 3 and 6 of his novella "Friedrich Nietzsche Waits for a Date," 7 July 2007, Quimby's

Tobias Carroll
**Tobias Carroll reads from THE2NDHAND Installment 23, "Spencer Hangs Over Newark," 3 Mar 2007, Criminal Records, Atlanta.

Todd Dills, from Sons of the Rapture U.S. tour, August through October 2006
**In Bloomington, IN, Clarence Hickman ascends to heaven, 15 Sept 2006, Boxcar Books
**The title piece, before a crowd at the Hideout, Chicago, 14 Sept 2006
**The opening of the book for a crowd at the Comix Revolution in Evanston, IL, 29 Jul 2006
**A scene from the 2nd chapter, Strom Thurmond and all, at AIR in Pittsburg, Aug 2006

Todd Dills
**"Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?" THE2NDHAND Mixtape version of the Chicago song, with C.T. Ballentine on the guitar/vocals, Rojo, Birmingha, AL, 15 Aug 2007
**"The Color of Magic," for the Dollar Store series of readings, The Hideout, Chicago, 6 July 2006
**Intro to "Stupid Man," a novel in progress, Quimby's, 7 July 2007
**"This Is Lit," nonlive reading of Dills's "Best of 2006"
**"Love Is What You Want," featured in the special 2006 "Printers' Ball" installment of THE2NDHAND, on the occasion of Dills's flight from the Chi to Birmingham, Quimby's, 24 Oct 2006

Susannah Felts
**"Cloud Catcher," Quimby's, 20 May 2006
**Excerpt from Susannah Felts' first novel, This Will Go Down on Your Permanent Record, Bottletree, Birmingham, 28 Feb 2008.

Pitchfork Battalion
**"This Will Go Down on Your Permanent Record," by Pitchfork Battalion (this incarnation: Emily Self, Todd Dills, Nadria Tucker), Bottletree, Birmingham, AL, 28 Feb 2008
**"Bad Beth & Beyond," by Pitchfork Battalion (this incarnation: Todd Dills, C.T. Ballentine, Susannah Felts), Rojo, Birmingham, AL, 15 Aug 2007
**"Big Dreams," by an incarnation of the Pitchfork Battalion roving collaborative, was performed by its authors (Todd Dills, Al Burian, Anne Elizabeth Moore) 29 July 2006, The Comix Revolution, Evanston, IL
**"Ceremony," the first of the Pitchfork Battalion collaborations, performed by the truncated cast of Joe Meno, Mickey Hess, and Todd Dills, AIR, Pittsburg, PA, 22 Aug 2006.

Lauren Trojniar
**"This is How You Paint a House," featured in THE2NDHAND installment 20, Quimby's, 20 May 2006

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