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Columbia College Fiction Writing Department

Pearl Harbor Survivors Meet for Last Time + Freak Mini-Tornado Injures Six in London ---
Paul A. Toth

The tornado set in motion
a wolf and the wind.
"We're like news," a witness said.
In northwest London,
Tom Brokaw smelled the burning:
"There are Vietnam wars,"
he said.
"I'm drawn to Pearl Harbor."
Twenty-one ships and a long time ago,
while the London Fire Brigade
shuffles through streets
swept by thunder.
"The chief has no lips."
Large, clay dominoes fall,
everybody running;
one car dies young.
"Many plunge,"
Brokaw ruminates,
"but the military dies forever."
And in central London
destroyed churches,
bursts of rain,
and freckled-faced heads
roll in the streets.
they'll walk in parades,
leaving behind the dead.
it will be,
the passing of chaos,
attacks to cherish.

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