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Victoriano Reyez Hernandez

Outside: a black car pulls up -- David Hasslehoff (sp) emerges with a stuffed cyclone. Stumbles towards the dumpster, removes his shoes, dumps the contents of his wallet on the ground and collapses.

Close-up of his lips mumbling "homosexuality" and "zoo documentary"

(image of six million paper clips)

black screen

Message reads:

[line four will be consumed in great quantity] (though it has been erased it exists in this state appearing underneath ordinary items around the typical office environment)

Image of a Sword in the Dirt:

Opening Text (white on black):

The eleven year old daughter of Carol Gibson carried six million paper clips, (new screen) an endless supply of tax returns, (new screen) and the careless script.

Time: the early 70s

Close-up: a sign flashing "Homophobia"

(in the bar)

Black Apollo Sunshine plays a song by The Gnomes

On the TV in the corner: Save 3$ on a fortune of notorious software and Become a soldier in a hut.

Depression merchandise impeccably tailored is fit over the frame in large panels.

Near the bar three robots are seated around a washable rubber vacation.

Skip to Canton, Ohio, where: werewolves produce typographic images of an aqueduct at the Wounded Sweethart.

(image of six million paper clips)

black screen