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eric graf (with rotten milk until: ...loosely dialge. others clearly cited)

let sit.
let sit.
let youraself sit by the refridgerator...
stick a butter stick inside the sea.
the sea is made of meatballs and peas underneath thee fire hydrant.
i play the radio really
and the people listening
are all i care about


more of it needs to be taped.
i should be taping it constantly.

i have ... i don't forsee this hellish prophecy.
i'm not sure how much they don't jin goism high sesteem jingoism high esteem jingoism high esteem...

streamlined fishhook butcher. monster masher lewis brown.
drunlken caller down on his kness and down on bad times... rescued me from lewis... hold me tight velcro lewis. big-ti,e i disconnectors in disregard. high time for low places to go feeling a thing or two around the clock. check the image. imagine a philistinge standing in front of a camera... CHECK THE IMAGE attempting to appear comfortable in front of a millions or two -- they can't even comperhend...

alright.it hulp me drink this drink everyday.
and no one had to tell me this
i feel it

yoga isn abuse.


I:LLUMINATI - purple head. nice tye-upp!*****
,merisklllOppulaence.fghoirtheousne.eipp . stare at the
tube tall calbinets of cds. ooo
iii iii

every four hours....
you should really use your language better.

locksmythes enclosed in rubber casing . light up the trees!
languish away staring... put down your hardened wads of gum and come with mee... free uroklogy for everyone. ransacked and damaged... perform like a tightwad.. blue cross blue sheild medical linguist. raggamuffin hardballs will neer be performed.
wally is the son of a man who owned a deli. and a bar. it's like in the same building. wally is the kind of guy who would laugh at a joke about dan layne/bryn mawr buys. wally's only pasttime is the contemplation of women.

grotototorkrokkroootototootototototkkktkktoorlrlrlepdkdplodod. + class.
+ +
+ +
+ +
+++++++ ...loosely dialge.


to: xxxxxxxx@xxx.com
subject: ******* xxxxxx
hi, my name is eric graf and i am making some
purchasing decisions for my home studio.
does the ******* xxxxxx have a seamless a-b loop?

eric graf

******* xxxxxx ~500.0
***** xx-xxxx ~470.0 seamless loop yes, xlr out
**** xxxxxx ~700.0
****** xxxxx ~650.0

wireless internet
*** -unlimmin,$50/mo,localchicago,$200setup,$300deposit,1.5Mbps,linux
***** *******
**** -none..
***** - same as xxxxxx, more expensive
***** -$80/mo,unlim min,xxxconnectioncard$180,40-60Kbpsor230Kbps?,linux
******* - almost the same as xxxxxx, slower and no linux
******** - none

Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 11:22:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: ralph barton
To: e@diabolical.org
Subject: MT-rb
nate and i made it to butt ass nowhere montana
very cool place
address is

Ralph Barton
General Delivery
Basin, MT 59631

it is best to conspicously put the phrase "MOntana Artists Refuge" on anything you send.

please also let kelly know that the phone number is


as she does not generally answer the phone from strange numbers and I can't call out long distance.
looking forward to Oedipus performance.


words cost money. writers paid by the word. cell phone companies charging by the word, squeezing out any sense of grammar. how many words can you fit into a story? into a television commercial?


a section for text study, with primer/at the2ndhand website

study of text

the movement of language. sight plays a pretty big part. moving words around and bringing them somewhere they've never been. image a mosiac driven by mouths.
and we move the stones, we move the stones. a singing plastic box bends glass to bring me THE environment, use patterns that sing and dance. use patience. develop strong holds.

pirating is very lucrative. what is a craft?
have a check up. handmade tribal hats. xpte.

xpte. handmade tribal hats. have a check up.
what is craft? pirating is very lucrative.

have a checkup, xpte in a handmade tribal hat.
what is... isn't lucrative?
i'm afraid so.
but dance and use patience!!


what this is above_