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Hunter Kennedy

Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996
From: Robert Hunter Kennedy
To: victrola
Subject: Slow dancing bitches


All axcess tour pass to Boyz to Men, yours for the taking, if you can answer me this. What Im axing is if Franklin is on the hundred? I never seen one of them. Hold on, got to grab a piece of ass cake.


Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996
From: Robert Hunter Kennedy
To: victrola
Subject: 17 magazine

My housemate is going crazy, vaccuumed into a mental inifinity where thoughts are endlessly taped together, and not a touch of sex. She claims that no one has asked her out on a date in three years, and maybe thats true, but its her own fault. She hangs with these pussyfied grad students, and tangled in a turtleneck crowd like that, who has a chance? SHe needs to go to the Astrodome more often and see the rodeo or something. Ill never tell her the full story. She'll have to read about it in the papers, sandwiched in between the waterbed ads. Banquet of sawdust, free condoms, dime a bullet.


Hunter Kennedy was born in Cola., SC, and raised by a pack of well-mannered wolves. He is editor of the Minus Times. Last seen walking in a towel through the Williamsburg brunch crowd. He may be contacted: hk@minustimes.com