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Columbia College Fiction Writing Department

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Nick Ostdick

Chicago-area native Nick Ostdick is the author of the novel Sunbeams and Cigarettes, and his short works have appeared in many online and print publications including Word Riot, Johnny America, Ward 6 Review, and others. He is the editor of RAGAD.

Relations with your spouse have become lackluster, and youíre not totally to blame; they have been faltering, too. As a result, you find yourself being tempted by those around you: coworkers, friends, etc.... Finding new partners is a challenge for you, especially when youíre involved with someone. Luckily your financial investments have worked out and you have extra money that can be utilized in such an enterprise. You have money available for romance this evening, but choose wisely whom you spend it on. Donít pick them up just anywhere. Make sure your partner is legitimate and clean, for medical problems can arise. Make sure they are of the opposite gender. Once your resources are in order, lay back and relax, for pleasure will be in your reach. Consider asking them for something exciting and unusual...maybe something backward or from behind. Come together in way you never have before, and donít let worry or guilt preoccupy you. But above all be cautious, for your friends and family will not support you if caught.