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Sean Kilpatrick

Leigha called the police one drunken night and they came and took Mark. I loved Mark, so I decided to drop Leigha's baby from a freeway overpass for good measure.

All these old men kept offering me and the baby rides. I stood there waiting for a rush of cars to flatten the screaming brat and make sure. This cunt was leaning into the bundle and pawing the thing's cheeks with two fingers. I threw it off suddenly with one movement and she stared at me and screamed. She hunched down and held herself and just kept screaming. The cars didn't stop and it bounced, flying between them, skidding blood all over the road -- so much blood in that small body when the skin strips down. It was almost like I dropped a huge balloon filled with red paint. I told the woman she was next and kicked her and she shit. I could smell.

When Leigha got home from work she went to her room, looked around, then stuck her fat face through the crack of my halfway open door. I slammed it on her neck, trapping just her head inside my room.

"Listen." I tightened her space. "Don't talk. I killed your fucking baby because of what you did to Mark, you dumb bitch, and you deserved it. I threw your baby into rush hour traffic. It died screaming under a car tire."

Her face turned purple and she slid violently up and then down, trying to get to me. We both pushed so hard that splinters cracked off the wood and stuck into her neck and cheeks. Small rainbows of blood sprinkled onto my shoes. Leigha's head went all the way down to the floor. She could lean on all her weight that way, but I was supporting myself against the dresser. She made a loud rattling jerky exhale and her tongue stuck out extremely far. I walked over her, went to her room and wrote Mark a letter telling him everything I did and that I loved him and would be seeing him soon.