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Columbia College Fiction Writing Department

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Tao Lin

Tao Lin's poetry collection, YOU ARE A LITTLE BIT HAPPIER THAN I AM, will be published by Action Books in October 2006; his collection of stories, BED, will be published by Melville House in Spring 2007; and a chapbook is set to come out from Future Tense Books this year. Visit Tao's web site, Reader of Depressing Books. He lives in New York City.

my philosophy says i can steal things
stolen food when i eat it i feel good
if something is small and expensive
i will steal it, i think

the natural vitamin E oil was small and kind of expensive
i wanted to drink it and transcend
'for external use only'
'you can rely on home health for the natural products your family deserves'

i am fucked if i don't steal this
expensive lip balm, i thought,
staring at it,
and felt fucked regardless
and crawled away

later i was sitting indian-style
in the corner of the world

the corner of the world was sharp
it was pointing somewhere else
this is crazy, i thought
and rolled backwards and away into an upright, 'mock-surfing' position
something i'd never done before