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eric graf

if there is crime in mckinley park, i wouldn't know, i haven't seen the crime in progress. unless you consider the man who two days ago yelled in my face, started a car with no muffler and peeled right through the red light. or the kids shooting firecrackers at my windows. or my neighbor across the way with the spinning screaming piece of machinery on their roof. the men and women who habitually run the stopsigns on the corner where i live. this is a safe neighborhood. there is falco's pizza and tortatown, both very good things, the people there are kind and encouraging, their food affordable. there are certain types of domestications which may seem like crimes when viewed with a special glass, these i have not used, so my reporting of these specifics would be unreliable. there are many couples who walk together, proud, arm in arm down the sidewalk. lastnight, there were people singing with candles, a crowd of 25 or 30, but they were only singing christmas songs, so maybe that's not worth reporting.

there's 300 words about crime in mckinley park.
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