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Eric Graf

"Les seuls sentiments que l'homme ait jamais été capable d'inspirer au policher sont l'ambiguïte et la dérision..."

-- Francois-Eugéne Vidocq

see us in time like a space consumed. close to here you raised your arms in a yawn we drink too faster chasing rust up a ladder. you thought i forget moments of importance helping disregard a ball of aluminum foil set a mold of my teeth. yarn and seeing dressed up many days lent shape porcelain inviolable and secure behind a gate. they're home again across the street now waving goodbye in their minds as cats that grimace. anymore single glimpse into a touch command those lines are all i handle to another never lied begging over curtain of branches

nobody's wife thinned what can i possibly say, nailed halfway living thankfully up from a yellow flame sun try to reach us. try to warn us. availability means nothing, you've kept away from me biting your nails two days ago waiting in the street for an answer to anyway you couldn't hear. you came to my underground window so hard even before you came, an open window and open invitation turned into gregarious prolix. trying to keep it down we absorbed tonight eating waves of relief discovering now land today and forever, lights toed in and a music. for one you love is menial in absence especially from the all naked clutching to shake the element of erosion, imminent oil and water

i got the blues, baby, since you been without me

think that i'm forgetting like you pacing and arrested on a frequency loan. three hours from now the sun will be on your house and i'm dark for awhile, for me its all about continuing west and try reformation. when we are close you didn't expect senses to and they did, close enough to smell and taste. all it are then is now holding out of focus purposely to felt a transgression and free, like tomorrow when we'll be eating together and you'll divide it all up and populate some areas before taking in

brutally sat shade your hand pushes open to might of been night i am to buried in us to experience. orangely covering a filter you collaborate to helped me discover minor afterglow not at all like swimming. maybe you steal sections of hope from the mundane or the normal isn't

positive sharking i wish for you. mesmer leaning a green cover camouflage behind curve glass image a moving body. a space big enough to fit us both curl of hair this secret next time you disclose. i heard you tell me about how you believe in empty all others warm beside the cold. drew life on sheetrock unfinished building the only support held my modern facade up hopeless like beyond rehabilitation a license or a movement. accidental beauty squawks purpose across our eyelids we chose to hold each other and no other choice

on your night out you let it be said by a closer relative to me than could of be measuring

not inside our clothes a little inside the jump our time together described the wake of florescent on the face. now we drop off, into heard with the brakes off a collision down the middle of your hair parts naturally if you stopped might as well read the popular law. i'll always fit right cruising at your altitude you explaining to me the differences between error caused cushion. on syncopation and a genius grant no hollow tremor. must be a mystery ability a singular with no revolution always traveling straight to my eye so pleasing

could of known everything. rubbing this rock against my face i can think only of our time and a humble paradise. that's the lock pushing down too hard and fancy always turning up clear volume. set up and lit up and up and up and a target like fence posts easy on the landscape anyone asked how we got there two moving. i wait for you now to tell me you understand and to touch something given to my reach giving and taking but not winning and losing. on the perimeter moving the same direction because we had to and knew it and never spoke it

not an act of worship because last time i did that i was decades

i tight and painful hold the roof above an unusable population by suggestion. if mentioned your name we're falled to our feet through mist and lacking photo on the road down my street expecting hoarse invitation. what are our lives holding the pull straight carrying the vitals ship building; whose purpose and place in port. benefit for those of us getting better all the while lighter, fitter invested in memory. someday with no luck we willed essence of crimson moving very slow, mustly frame a second, all becaused of loved. now you drive home and i lay in bed waiting for your phone call

snowed up to feet we threw a party four days and ate some frozed food, those days weren't so old now a figure of a man drawn

now we're somewhere else, you came with me how swept on hardwood and jury. a fixture then worse into in maybe less and believable built out of brick even though you wouldn't know. for a moment shared over fighting this is more real life now inside the house, unrelief bigging a spoken cover cause you write them. we've move from this place that we are then now to a more mentioned. dive a garbage truck and find our food not a nightmare but very close to flame. a slope of nose very european and strict holding a definition the last and shouldered. a glass cold and in case we miss it a mighty good glass which water smelling of sewage spills down illustrious. we signed on you and me though together we'll beaten it into place, we feel maybe pain definitely magnanimous always present connectedness and care

even here we are talking about you and me, the same subjects. our location doesn't matter much when it is willing to happen. carve out my face, kept definition while holding my handle enough to let me know and down. a comment worth its weight red mostly unclean only by water tomorrow you'll find us shattered and complete. mortar unreflective on whose broken steel chairs i sat expensively cautious of, i hoped you would cash me in for a stuffed version of a reflection licking complete impulse, love you from the start because you saw me across some slight distance

rewind our steps your instrument listening

labor: grand theft which if found could be supported by a cardinal relic, getting uglier and more inviting by the minuter. we burn heat and use it like a petty crime, why not extend our message healthy theived open me carried on a blocked off streets

there is no mistrust but there should be. living inside of a misunderstanding munching on grape fruit, people outside not bothering with slipstream-uncommon devour by dogs heading into the worst night on earth. its not that hot. its dirty somewhere but i can't see it or you, without my onceuponatimes. bending off on all night it should have been or has unfit winning clear supply and maybe colder. clearer now than ever is the up end suspicion of careful night fever and disintegration, i'll decompose over our clogged minds wishing they could be a little happier, a little fatter

only the cars sounds of tire to pavement like a rhythm lends a lighter touch to my disdain to complete my sentences or by fragment to forget what i was saying about

these old fashion conversations about who's fucking who. we have become less and less interested in each other we are less interested in what each of us are remembering about. out focus has changed, or will change. out focus keeps changing less we are a changeless and out focus is now a summation of outright lies. we can't help about ourness ink because we are afraid of not having a subject. we are afraid of not having to subject. afraid because the will endject is much us and we want to keep it

moving strangely in your sleep important lights went out putting on the able of your strength

doing everything i need to keeping up friendship with you wasn't an option. we were always drunk or spending our time finding what we could afford. many unspecial luxuries later i went dead up our stairs, failed. i spending hours collapsed famously right near the hospital whose ambulance sirens kept me up all night. sometime later the mice came and please forget the ceiling falling down. it was freezing when i checked in and smoldering when i leave. honorable mention: things were looking up any way you do

cold feet: this was our image in front of a television. curled about looser than a patent plaid you wore it, something so sweet something so sweet almost to the touch control me dearest feels so good on my tongue. my meter so vague its browning red candy spooned out in bed i'm on the couch in the smelly room from too many people done too many things

a shadow passes the walls of my future conversation brought down by the articulate bitch of will pass. deftly smiling and shining until way past midnight you'd apply the filter watchful. talked to me through a weapon properly built to backfire and miss practicing persuasion wavering on ocean a fact above sea level. you're not talking beauty but its enough tonnage to been taken lightly, i'm missing it

touch my hand and fire me up, i'm sorry immediately on delay, so sooner this could've

all those funny things people remember when they think of the past are never very interesting. highly referential, yet extremely cold, are all my winters. piss poor, if not down right playful, full of ill humor, fueled by pain and strife and parking tickets. only a mother could love. expect she's so incredibly sedated as not to be noticed don't mean to be dismissive or self gratifying its just that all civilization will fall prey to the same fate, only through negative creationism funded and armed with bibles or relief from the only increasing my interest in prize fighting

we here passed between your two friends like a rag. without smoke we burned each other and without passion you put out my flames. please turn your headlights you're movement healing path, in the future you nearly hit me. moving so fast, could of known where you read. straight at my ignition with the louder music than now far away your hair will rest on another pillow without malice or collection, like a bruise those exact words will been spoke on a bright aisle in some department store with poor service to be fitted sometime for a new mischief in crease of your buttock

these conversations we had talking about the weather

versatile as ever we cut the stone of a model of our minds. the bright lights surround us, yellow. wrapped in a recommendation passed down to us by our families we don't hear. let's fake our own lead, strike a new oil, fuel our own persistence. let's find that disgrace we feel in the morning when we found out again who we are. no mirror can help us in our first step toward a forgiveness with advantage remembrance unique to our precipice. before us let's solve it with initial lights to see

so still i stand watchful and dismissive of a practical menace. please lead me on or maybe i'll quit fast and again miss missive with means not to disappoint. negative our was swimming contact you're voice created the passage, maybe fatal, i had to come to your senses. i fall aparts when i think of it, lasting forever definitely. but why the dark opal earrings and long blowing smoke. when was it once when it was a glass brimming but now sauntering in reflection on a carriage ride

let's move through a pasture feed like the a cattle. you only can see them like this from a car moving swiftly by permit, allow. i should have to ask you. for these things from the beginning agreed like iced tea from the canteen you pass to me in the driver's seat. you'll eat an amish apple

a strong flavor you passed to me trying not to be sexy out of your way not to be sexy. the distance we create that fuels us is a hilly field. the farther i would become, the closer you move to me

you got diamonds in your grasp and a wonderful diet i think teaching the next generation. how often to end in and backspaced homebody, to borrow sufficiently. busy to think about getting


you'll be my marigold girl and i'll sit on your lap until you tell me i'm too heavy to be there. please be patient of the to you. be kind and patient and allow me special privilege. i'll extend. don't push me off and i'll stay close as long as you can hold

having no family is like being a foreigner in different distant country

time should always move slower except when i waited for you. playing all the parts in river picture shows images moved effort about the timeline, so it was when you got the glasses to fix your eyes. i saw you practicing with the four corners of your bedroom i still haven't seen. it wasn't long ago, and i'll never age there for whose benefit a marble arch with definitive parallel line, never crossing

imparted specifically upon a vase we broke off through the house at the sound of your parents coming home. you were always lovely possessing youth blond curls swept across your cheek. eyes, until later when i came and got you on your birthday and took you to deleware for clam chowder. i die lightly and without question from our stolen moments, beautiful scenes drawn and out usually in daylight

let me out of our movement. license our depth couldn't help our vicious mind with a stutter

remember the future when we almost walked happily hand in hand. if only there was enough time for such things. move miserable now its all lit up our there without freedom or quantity, very moment for the right things to be said or gesture. without fear and a function of memory working through that place, almost happening held justly to the workweek's end. i wanted us to smile when we think of it a likeness past recognition cold obscuring our vision our will be super diligent

believing in protocol she'll get a card and she's never missed a holiday. watching cable and eating no wiser and less meticulous or maybe to take yelling back

put it together some music for me and keep it away from our possessions to be made sick by proximity. been days since you moved toward an agreement with your sister about who it should be to break the news. i almost could of seen this wild pitch, level through years of fear and irony

through an effort condense my reach so tonight will be an abbreviation of this specific forgiveness. hope you will pass in the spirit and synchronization of evergreen reproduction