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Richard Yoo

Shining. Wood that reflects amber amber amber and the florescent bulbs with their cold sheen, weightless light.

100% chance of rain. Accumulation of 1-3 inches.

Walk home with a hat: they stay put. An umbrella has inverted itself, "gets an erection" so to speak. Downtown: gusts up to 30 MPH, paradoxically constant. There is a monster fourstory icycicle gleaming a perfect, white washed stillness but the rain turns the snirt (snow-dirt) into wet ash everywhere. Look in the alleys tonight and try to make up your mind, whether or not you love your winter--or will bear this mess for a spring.

Today's high: 34 degrees, low of 29.

Tomorrow hopes of getting the bike out of the shop will be rewarded with ice--everywhere. Two-wheeled commuters beware of death. Four-wheeled full insurance recommended.


Richard Yoo brings you the weather, all five senses (half another) intact. He may be contacted: whyrichard@hotmail.com.