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Richard Yoo

At this rate, spring reverses itself and becomes winter again, a play of memory.

This afternoon: mostly cloudy...blustery and cold, snow showers developing, highs in the lower 40s, west winds 15 -25 mph and gusty. Yes, highs in the lower 40s. Wind gusts to 20 mph with a frigid late-fall windchill and steaming coffee-cup at window. I swear it could just as easily be a timid day in November.

But today's weather: april 2001... ! midspring ! a play on time. Overcast.

"We've been together for the longest time...but now it's time to get high...but hey, goodnight ladies, ladies goodnight." A lonely Saturday night.

Overcast. But hey, breaks with sun. You can see the clouds graze, light and soft.

Sheleaves. And more sheleaves. If it were fall, shock would default any sense. Just like it did. Yesterday we danced good old days. And it were. Though then--melancholy had no chance to catch up to our near exhaustion, so fast.

Overcast with breaks to the effect--for we on the ground--of a constant chasing of light.

Then tonight: mostly cloudy and cold. Flurries. Low 30 to 35. West winds 10-20 mph, becoming North.

Yes: wind becomes a direction, becomes North, becomes fast, becomes ahead. She becomes like a rock falling through water.