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Peter Swigert

Questions from "Dreadship Pirates"
Answers from "YCL of Minnesota"

What Is The Distinction Of Being A Dreadship Pirate Member?

Capitalists gain their wealth from the labor of others--not from their own work. The workers who actually create the wealth--by picking the crops or assembling the engines, for example--should get a fair share of the wealth they create. Why should someone be a millionaire, with three houses, a private plane, and the like when other folks can't even afford enough to eat?

What is the Pirate Creed?

Unity of the working class will be needed. Workers will have to realize that capitalism cannot solve the problems it creates and that it is only beneficial to the few who own the factories, mines, press and government. Hopefully, we will achieve this in the voting booth; but if the capitalists attack, we will defend ourselves and our system.

What Is A Pirate Padawan?

Some communists believe in God, some don't. Gus Hall, the chair of the CPUSA says, "Our fight is not with God, but with capitalists." Freedom of religion would continue under communism--as long as the religion does not seek to destroy the system and replace it with capitalism or any other earlier system (such as slavery or feudalism).

What Is A Pirate?

Those want to change the world into a much better place. The YCL encourages all young people who sincerely want to make the world a better place to join. Young people of all races, genders, religions, sexual orientations, and nationalities are welcome.

What Are The Dreadship Pirates?

They see the present conditions that have been wrought by capitalism. They want to fight against racism, sexism, exploitation, homophobia, and immigrant-bashing. They want to make the US and the world a better place by fighting for jobs, justice, education and equality.

How Do I Become A Dreadship Pirate?

By limiting bureaucracy, establishing human-rights laws (the CPUSA and YCL have always advocated bill-of-rights socialism), and reminding all workers that they need to remain involved in union and civic activities.

What Is The Command Staff Of The Dreadship?

China, Vietnam, North Korea, and Cuba are socialist states.