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Laura Pearson

Questions from Hometaught.com FAQ
Answers from Yorkshire Terriers FAQ

If we choose to homeschool, how will we provide for our child's social needs?

You can do personality tests with Yorkshire Terrier puppies, and also physical exams.

Isn't it good for a child to socialize with all kinds of children...so he learns how to get along in the world?

No, I train and show in obedience and agility, and I write books about dogs.

What can homeschoolers do to help preserve parental control in education?

You'll love the information in this article: Teach Your Yorkshire Terrier 100 English Words!

How can I homeschool my eldest and still take care of my toddler?

You will need to go back to the beginning -- into a pen or crate. No more freedom in the house until your new housetraining takes effect.

Won't a child become overly dependent upon his family if he doesn't go away to school?

Absolutely not. There are no good breeders -- none -- who would ever place one of their puppies in a pet shop.