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The Revolution of Everyday Life

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Mickey Hess

Questions from Hobospider.com
Answers from The alt.vampyres Vampire FAQ

Are Hobo Spiders living in the Northeast?

Imagine an animal that looks like a gorilla-reptile-gargoyle with batlike wings, bulging red eyes, large claws, fangs and a long darting tongue. Imagine that this creature can fly, or at least, take great leaps. Imagine it to be a nocturnal predator. Finally, imagine that this creature’s handiwork has been reported as far north as Michigan.

Can Hobo Spiders Climb?

Strength, speed, and sensory perception far greater than that of humans. Mind-control -- may command mortals, strike fear with a look, or cause selective amnesia. They may enter homes uninvited and can take on the appearance of other persons.

Is it unusual to find Hobo Spiders in bath tubs?

Unable to cross running water, except at the ebb and flow of the tide. These creatures live in forests and can control dogs.

Do pesticides kill Hobo Spiders?

The aim is not to kill them but to destroy them in such a way that they can never again rise up to walk among the living: Burning -- this seems to be the universal method, driving a stake through the heart, cutting the heart out and burning it, cutting off the head.

How do I best use traps if I have pets or small children?

Being a wizard/witch. Having a cat or other animal jump over your corpse before it gets properly buried. Or, burning the caul and feeding the ashes to the baby.