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Matt Hoffman

Questions from Sydney's Plus Size Closet: http://www.sydneyscloset.com/faq.htm
Answers from Swine Management and Nutrition: http://web.aces.uiuc.edu/faq/faq.pdl?project_id=12&faq_id=883

What size should I order?

When evaluating pigs, two major areas must be considered: body composition and structural soundness. When viewed from the behind, the muscles of the ham region should be long and thick, with the thickest point through the stifle (interior leg). There should be a good deal of spread or width between the hind legs, indicating ham muscling. Finish refers to the amount of fat over the muscles of a mature (125-250 lb.) pig.

How can I get information on special offers, sales, new merchandise and fashion trends?

You should also do a web search on swine nutrition.

I have bridesmaids who don't wear plus sizes, can you help?

Increasing Appetite Suggestions that you might consider:
1. Be sure feed is fresh, not stale with mold or spoilage. Review your feeding program (diet).
2. Feed fresh feed 2-3 times a day (2-3 lbs each time). Has the diet been formulated to offset summer heat stress, i.e., use of 3-5% fat in the diet will enhance energy intake when lower total feed intake is reduced.
3. You might try wetting the feed with cool water each time. However, DO NOT let the feed set and spoil, if the gilt does not consume it within 1-2 hours.
4. Be sure the gilt has a continuous supply of FRESH water to drink.

What about Mormon and Christian girls looking for Modesty Dresses?

Herds that have experienced problems with conception rates have often been helped by the addition of antibiotics.

What about footwear to match my fabulous new dress?

Optimally, you teach your pig as a youngster that pedicures are pleasant. Desensitize your pig to the hoof-trimming tool and the feel of having her feet fondled. Refer to my Book of Potbellied Pig Parenting for details on how to give a toe job.

What if I don't see what I want?

Ideal weight for a market pig is 240-260 pounds. You can find information on laxatives for sows at the following web site: http://www.nppc.org/Research/';95Reports/'95Fisher-Laxative.html.